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The Master Craftsman

To bring our story together we have recruited the most talented filmmakers in town, The Film House, to produce a short film entitled The Master Craftsman.

The film displays the art of the two crafts, that of the blacksmith and of the chef merging together in one place and therefore forming The Anvil Rooms.

To embrace our journey and to experience everything we stand for, join us for lunch or dinner on 28th floor of West Bay’s iconic Tornado Tower.

There's only one right way to eat a steak – with greed in your heart and a smile on your face ― Soumeet Lanka

The Anvil Rooms

Our desire to create the best is made possible by using the best. We are proud of what we have created ;a unique restaurant that is innovative, real, true and accessible to all. We want our guests to enjoy each moment of their experience within the restaurant, with the knowledge that every last detail has a reason and a purpose.

At The Anvil Rooms, we truly appreciate and value the worth of hand crafted products, both in the dining room visible to our guests and also behind the scenes. Our kitchen team is led by Executive Chef Stuart Collins, having spent several years in Michelin-starred restaurants in the UK and USA, he and his team prepare every menu item with care to bring the authentic taste of a New York steakhouse to Qatar.

We also know that, to enjoy the ultimate dining experience, a customer must feel comfortable and happy. Our restaurant manager, Louise Mortlock, ensures that the service team attends to our guest’s every need and provides attentive service. For a yet more exclusive and intimate evening, the Anvil Rooms is pleased to offer a private dining room for up to thirty-two guests.

The sine qua non of The Anvil Rooms, is the highest-quality steak, prepared by elite chefs to the most exacting gastronomic standards and enjoyed amid breathtaking views across the Arabian Sea. It is a truly unrivaled dining experience which combines a unique setting with the rigorous simplicity of perfect, classic, steakhouse cuisine.


Australia is known for providing some of the most flavorful, high-quality steak in the world. At The Anvil Rooms we are proud to share that, for our exclusive Australian menu offerings, we only use Australian Agricultural Company (AAco) certified beef. Working with a governing body like AAco gives us a solid assurance that the cattle have been reared to high standards of feed, general welfare and natural ageing, resulting in a better quality product.


We work directly with suppliers Signature Beef to bring an exclusive brand to Qatar that can only be found at The Anvil Rooms. We also offer two premium brands of beef, Mulwarra and Master Kobe, both from the farms that AAco source their products from. The Master Kobe in particular is produced specially for discerning beef lovers. The name reflects the excellent quality of the very elite, high marbling purebred Wagyu cattle that the steaks come from.


We always want to go all the way with a top-quality experience for all, so to make sure every detail in our restaurant receives similar attention, we opted for acclaimed Australian leatherworkers to custom-create our luxurious leather menu holders which are embossed with The Anvil Rooms logo.


The Anvil Rooms is a collaboration of hand produced creativity and skill.


With the help of award-winning British blacksmith Nigel Barnett, we were able to design and create some of the outstanding furnishings and tableware displayed and used throughout the restaurant. Hand-crafted by Nigel’s very own hands, the work shows his immense attention to detail and masterly control of materials. From the bronzed room dividers that subtly conceal the outline of a cow creatively hidden among their lines, to the forged and beaten chandeliers each piece adds its own character and unique, exclusive feel to the restaurant.

The branded napkin rings were an idea conceived by one of our chefs; what started out as a twisted nail is now a beautiful bronzed piece of art, yet not one single piece is identical!


The Anvil Rooms team havealso worked closely with talented British photographer Tony Blake to capture the journey of the blacksmith at work in his forge, as well as our chefs’ professionalism and dexterity as they set about creating the dishes on the menu. Tony has succeeded in portraying the craftsmanship, traditional know-how, and sheer technical expertise of turning raw metal into beautiful centerpieces. Printed on German fine-art paper, some of Tony’s images are now displayed in pride of place on the walls of the restaurant for the admiration of our guests.


We are the only restaurant in Qatar to showcase the best of British beef. Working with one of England’s leading halal slaughterhouses, we source prime cattle from a farm in Norfolk, East Anglia. The Dexter breed to which they belong originally descended from the mountain cattle of south-west Ireland. The cattle are raised on grass and allowed to age naturally, to ensure that the meat is both tender and flavourful.


This morning we revealed our second custom-designed fiberglass cow! Peacefully ruminating in our cow pen in front of Tornado Tower, it is a proud American cow, true to our heritage and origins.


There is little on earth so mouthwatering to a good appetite as the best North American cuisine. Prime striploin … 'mac and cheese' … New York baked cheesecake … at The Anvil Rooms, not only do we feature all these great American classics on the menu, we hand-select only the best available ingredients to produce them.


Staying true to our US-inspired origins, we serve USDA graded beef. That means that when we serve these great steaks we can guarantee each time that they are the highest quality possible.

A five day journey to uncover The Anvil Room’s story

The Anvil Rooms steakhouse is the result of much thought, planning and research. We wanted to create something that is unique, not just within Qatar, but around the world! Every detail of the restaurant has been carefully tailored to create bespoke furnishings, attentive service and a menu that utilises the best available produce, whilst keeping true to the origins of a good old-fashioned steakhouse. To share our story with the world we have developed a social media campaign under the hashtag #followthecows.


Over the next five days, we will be unveiling the Anvil Rooms’ story through a campaign that is taking place right outside our home, the Tornado Tower. Every day, we will be sharing a different element of what makes us so uniquely who we are.


To join the campaign and get a taste of the Anvil Rooms, visit us www.theanvilrooms.qa, follow us on twitter, https://twitter.com/TheAnvilRooms, Instagram http://instagram.com/theanvilrooms  and like us on facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Anvil-Rooms.